Bar Aurora + Boteco Ferraz ︎


It was estimated that, in 2010, 30% of the drivers out on a Saturday night in São Paulo were driving intoxicated. People didn’t want to pay the cost of a taxi to and from their night out. To many young people, it seemed safer and savvier to just drive drunk. 
When you are drunk, you are probably not going to read anything let alone a PSA asking you not to drive. We found the one thing that people in the pubs were anxious to read very carefully, their bar tab.
Brazil's drinking and driving problem was out of control. Even with a zero-tolerance policy imposed by the government, it was estimated that 30% of all drivers on Saturday evenings were intoxicated to the point that their driving was impaired. We had to find a way to speak to our target in the moments before they decided to become a part of that statistic. This is what we did.
With a 80% increase in people taking taxis home from Bar Aurora and Boteco Ferraz, they were able to keep their patrons safe and coming back for another evening of drinks and fun.

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