Malaria is responsible for 30% of pediatric deaths each year in Ghana. Mothers do their best to protect their children by burning coils at night to repel the deadly mosquitos. In partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, our client created a poster that would more effectively protect the home and family against Malaria-carrying mosquitos. By simply spraying the poster 3x’s once each day, the home was safe. We needed to find a way to convince skeptical moms to try this new product and to help them create the routine of spraying the poster daily. 

The Life Saving Portrait was created to show Ghanaian mothers just who they were protecting when they spray the poster. We took a famous photographer to busy street markets and churches in villages outside of Accra and set up to take family portraits for people. We printed 3 family portraits on each poster and gave away a bottle of the Day and Night spray along with the photo prints. We were able to establish a place in these mothers homes by first establishing a place in their hearts.

Creative Team: Cinzia Crociani - CD AD, Meg Farquhar - CD CW, Dane Canada - AD, Brynna Aylward - CW.
Photo credit - Dane Canada