Mother’s Day, a day created to celebrate mothers,  does a pretty terrible job of giving moms what they really want. It’s become more about the kids and their charming, but rarely redeemed coupon-books than about the moms it’s meant to celebrate. Kraft exists to release pressures in the parenting journey, creating win-win scenarios for moms and kids. So how does our brand break through and help moms get what they deeply desire for Mother’s Day?

We gave mothers the one thing they need. The gift of not being needed. A survey done by showed that the #1 thing moms wanted for Mother’s Day in 2019 was a little time to herself. So we got to work figuring out what a little time would look like. And it looked like paying for a sitter. 

Every mother is different, but for the ones that wanted a little space to go eat brunch in a kid-unfriendly restaurant, or to try on clothes without anyone else in the fitting room, we granted them a few hours to get out and celebrate their way. Reimbursing up to $100 of babysitting costs, Moms just had to ask for a receipt (homemade receipts welcome) and upload them to the website. 

To launch the campaign and catch the media’s attention we created the following video. 

1,068,900,000 impressions
Coverage on Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, GMA, Today Show, and local TV and radio stations across the country. 
All money was claimed within the first 20 mins of the site going live. 
16M new visitors to our site in 1 day.