Aldi does things differentli (not a typo, a tagline) in order to save people the most money possible on groceries. But, super duper affordable groceries and a model that seems odd, leaves many people thinking the store is more suspect than anything else. We had to demystify our quirky model to show people that paying less doesn’t mean sacrificing quality or selection. 
ALDI has a rabid fan base. People who know Aldi, are devout to Aldi, so the obvious play was to mine this group of fans for the solution to our perception problems. Now testimonials are great an all, but we needed a fresh take, something that would capture attention and hearts and allow people to rethink our model and why it saves them more.
Enter Aldi Friend Savers, the campaign that invites people to be a better friend by not letting their loved ones spend too much on groceries. 

Drove significant (80-90%) increase in Brand Awareness, Quality and Price Perception, and Likelihood to recommend to a friend. Which is pretty much what we set out to do.